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Creating a work environment that supports addiction recovery is good for employees and saves businesses money. Partner with the State of Nevada to make your worksite Recovery-Friendly.

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Benefits of Having a Recovery-Friendly Worksite

Businesses can reduce or even avoid the negative effects, such as accidents, absenteeism, and other costs associated with alcohol and addiction in the workplace by preventing and addressing employee substance abuse.

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More than 21 million Americans are living with a substance abuse disorder, nearly 75 percent of whom are employed.
Discharging an employee typically costs businesses one-fifth the employee’s annual salary.
Alcohol and other drug misuse cost American businesses an average of $81 billion in lost profits every year.

Good for Business, Good for Employees

By encouraging and supporting treatment, employers can dramatically reduce the negative stigmas and effects of alcohol and addiction in the workplace, while also reducing their costs.

Creating a Recovery-Friendly Culture
Real people in the workplace stories

Success Stories

"I am a recovering drug addict of over a decade of use. I figured I would never be able to get a decent job ever again. I now work for the state as a peer support specialist for the opioid epidemic. This is so important, to not have to feel ashamed for becoming a person of circumstance. When the workplace is somewhere you can feel safe to be you, feel trusted, and feel self-worth again, it makes recovery feel that much easier to obtain."
Ryan Mills

Become a Recovery-Friendly Worksite

A Recovery-Friendly Worksite designation requires businesses to meet specific requirements. Once you feel those requirements have been fulfilled, submit an application of interest to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services and one of our Recovery-Friendly Worksite advisers will contact you.

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