Preventing the use of tobacco products in the workplace can minimize medical costs, encourage employees to quit, increase productivity, and protects the safety of the rest of the employees, the CDC asserts. Here are numerous resources to review when considering a tobacco-free workplace.

Policies, Guides, and Toolkits:

American Lung Association and the Pennsylvania Department of Health: Tobacco-Free Worksite Toolkit

Kaiser Permanente: Tobacco Free Campus Toolkit

Ohio Department of Health Model Policy for Campus-wide Smoking Restriction

New Hampshire DHHS Tobacco Free Policy Example

Texas DSHS Tobacco-Free Workplace Toolkit

Factsheets and Infographics:

American Lung Association: How Lung-Friendly is Your Workplace?

CDC: Electronic Cigarettes: What’s the Bottom Line?

Videos and Podcasts:

American Lung Association: Tobacco-free Policy in Worksites

American Lung Association: Tobacco-free Workplaces: A Quick Guide

Additional Resources: