Baby-Friendly Policies and Procedures

Important policy definitions

Infant: A child up to the age of  12 months of age.

Mobility: Movement defined as crawling, walking or another form of motion which results in the child moving from one location to another without assistance and is dependent on the child’s individual development. The point at which a child is deemed mobile is determined by the employee’s supervisor or HR manager as defined in policy.

Those eligible to participate in program: A parent through birth, adoption, or foster care placement, or a legal guardian of an infant who has not yet become mobile.

Submit your company’s baby-friendly policies for review

To create a workplace culture that supports infants, there must be robust policies on the topic. In order to be designated as a Baby-Friendly Worksite in Nevada, your business must have formal, written, baby-friendly workplace policies. Our Baby-Friendly Resources page has examples of DHHS policy for your reference as well. Policies should include:

The policy is the framework that your company will use to set the culture, promote breastfeeding, and retain excellent employees.

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