Chronic Illnesses

Not only can chronic illnesses be costly for employers, but they also affect both the physical and emotional well-being of employees, leading to a decrease in overall productivity. Below are numerous resources for employers to consider when analyzing impacts, creating inclusive and stigma-free company policies, and guiding employees with chronic illnesses to the appropriate resources.

Policies, Guides, and Toolkits:

CDC Heart-healthy and Stroke-free Worksites: Toolkit Guide

National Comprehensive Cancer Network: Employer Toolkit

Nevada Cancer Coalition: Developing a Paid Leave Policy for Cancer Screenings

Factsheets and Infographics:

American Cancer Society: Cancer in the Workplace HR Tip Sheet

CDC Workplace Health Resource Center: Cardiovascular Disease Screening and Referral by Small Worksites: A Positive Return on Investment

Videos and Podcasts:

CDC and National Healthy Worksite: Mental Health and Chronic Diseases in the Workplace

CDC Workplace Health Resource Center: Strategies to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke in the Workplace

Additional Resources: