Nevada Worksite Wellness

To support employees statewide, the Nevada Department of Health and Services (DHHS) has created Worksite Wellness Initiatives and toolkits designed to help your business' staff (and our own!) become healthier places to work.

About Worksite Wellness

Wellness Initiatives

Learn how to become a worksite that supports, fosters, and empowers employees who are new parents, caregivers for a loved one, and are recovering from addiction.

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Baby-Friendly: Encourages new mothers or fathers to return to work sooner by allowing the new parent to bring their infant to work
Caregiver-Friendly: Helps employers and employees navigate the difficulties associated with being a caregiver for an ill child, aging parent, or other loved one who needs care.
Recovery-Friendly: Aims to be a space to effectively address alcohol and other drug-related issues in an atmosphere that promotes health and wellness

Coming to Work Can Make You Well

You are not alone. Let the workplace help make life a little easier.

Real stories of worksite wellness

Best of Worksite Wellness

"Thanks to the Recovery-Friendly Worksite initiative, the stigma that once existed in trying to get a job has greatly decreased."
Ryan Mills - Recovery-Friendly
"Through the Baby-Friendly program, I know my employer supports the value of parent and infant bonding in the earliest stages of life."
Julie Balderson - Baby-Friendly

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We hope the resources in our Worksite Wellness Initiatives will help you, whether you are a supervisor supporting a staff member, an employee just beginning on the road to recovery, or you have a friend or family member who may be struggling or in need of some guidance. Your confidentially will always be honored and your rights as an employee protected.

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