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Creating a work environment that supports infants is good for employees and saves businesses money. Partner with the State of Nevada to make your worksite Baby-Friendly.

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Benefits of having a Baby-Friendly Worksite

Being a Baby-Friendly Worksite encourages new mothers or fathers to return to work sooner by allowing the new parents to bring their infant to work for a specified period of time.

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45% of the workforce is female
Attraction of new employees
High breastfeeding rates equate to easier soothing and healthier babies

Good for Business Good for Employees

Providing a positive work environment that recognizes parents' responsibilities to their jobs and to their infants by acknowledging the ability of an infant to stay with a parent benefits the family, the employer, and society.

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Real People in the Worksite Stories

Success Stories

"I am so grateful for the Infant at Work Program. As a first-time new mom, being able to bring my baby to work when I returned from maternity leave has helped me bond with my baby and navigate my new work/life balance. It's helped my overall well-being, it's been great for my baby's development, and it's helped me sustain breastfeeding."
Julie Balderson
“I was fortunate to participate in a baby at work program, as a father. Seeing my daughters face every day made every day worthwhile. She brightened the day of everyone in the workplace. Looking back, I can’t imagine not having this time with her. This program is an amazing incentive, while forging a bond that lasts a lifetime.”
Theron Huntamer
“When I was a new mom, bringing my daughter to work until she was mobile allowed us the gift of being together 24-7 during such an important time in both our lives. It allowed for irreplaceable bonding time, continuation of breastfeeding, and an incredible amount of support from my colleagues.”
Julia Peek

Become a Baby-Friendly Worksite