Benefits of a Baby-Friendly Workplace

Why are Babies in the Worksites Important?

Today nearly half of the workforce is made up of women who make an invaluable contribution to their workplace. However, a recent US census found that more than one-fifth of working women quit their job after their first baby is born because the conflicting demands of work and home can often be too much to balance.

Of those that do work, twice as many women as men work in part-time jobs which are often unstable, low-paying and without benefits.

A national conference examining the intersection of family and work concluded that “it is evident that a structural workplace/workforce mismatch exists in which the workplace itself no longer fits the needs of an increasing number of workers.” Our goal is to reduce this mismatch through policies and programs that better meet the needs of working women. One of the most progressive policies to address this mismatch is the Bring Your Baby to Work Program.

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The Benefits of a Having Baby-Friendly Worksite

Babies are social beings do exceptionally well in this stimulating, social environment. They love the constant physical contact with their mother and benefit from interactions with their mother’s coworkers during break times. Most young babies sleep a lot, and when they’re not sleeping, much of a person’s job duties can be performed with their baby in a carrier or sling. One of the most important benefits of this program is how it lends itself to breastfeeding success.

Fostering a work environment the celebrates parenthood and has adopted policies to support a mother or father in their transition back to the workplace is crucial for employee retention.

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What can allowing infants at the worksite offer?

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